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The First Nationwide Meal Support & Coaching Program

Maintain Your Recovery and Participate in Life

We Come to Your Home, School, or Work

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Meal Support & Coaching

We can provide individual, group, or family

meal support in your home or at a restaurant

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Campus Companion Program

Providing eating disorder recovery support on college campuses around the country

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Our 3 S’s of Success


Together we will create a structure that allows you to feel safe enough to do the work and ensure accountability


We help you develop a skills set to help you manage your life and recovery simultaneously


We will be with you every step of the way, helping you to help and empower yourself!

Having enough support in one’s environment in early recovery for preventing relapse is crucial.

Recovering from an eating disorder is a complex process.

Through our personal and professional experience, Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists know that having enough support—particularly when transitioning between levels of care–is crucial, yet one that often gets overlooked.

Our transitional and supplemental eating disorder services will help you or your loved one make seamless transitions through all stages of the recovery process, build a foundation and skills set for ongoing recovery, and help create a meaningful life outside of the eating disorder.

“I have been in residential treatment so many times, only to come back home and struggle. With the help of EDRS, I was able to finally maintain my recovery.”  – N.C.

How We Can Help You Recover From Your Eating Disorder

  • Support your transition from treatment back to “real life”

  • Provide ongoing support through all stages of the recovery process

  • Design an individualized plan to help you break the cycle of eating disorder

  • Help you discover who you are outside of the eating disorder

  • Assist you in building a skills set and “mental muscles” for ongoing recovery

  • Instill hope for a full recovery and help you reclaim your life!

Our Services

Through individual and group meal coaching, clients can gradually decrease fear around meals and increase trust in themselves and the recovery process.

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Managing the food is just the beginning. We can help with managing anxiety and depression, body image, life skills, educational and occupational goals, and how to create a life beyond the eating disorder.

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For many clients with eating disorders, food’s value is measured in labels - good or bad, safe or unsafe. Recovery is about building a new relationship with food.

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Our Programs

We have master-level Campus Companions on or near college campuses around the country. We provide in-person, on campus support to help you manage the daily stressors of school, life, and early recovery.

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Through personalized texts, emails, and phone calls, we will provide moment to moment encouragement, troubleshoot internal and external stressors, and help you achieve your daily recovery goals.

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