“Meal support really helped me trust myself and the process of recovery.”


“With the help of coaching, I was able to complete daily tasks that used to paralyze me, which eventually helped me do it on my own.”


“I have been in residential treatment so many times, only to come back home and struggle. With the help of EDRS, I was able to finally maintain my recovery.”


“Cannot say enough praises of the EDRS staff’s caring ways and their willingness to help not only my daughter, but also giving me as a parent hope and advice along the way, which has given me the strength to go forward.”


“Meal support therapy helped normalize my eating and has helped me feel more confident in making choices myself.”


“The one to one meal support provided by EDRS have been crucial in my daughter’s journey to recover from her eating disorder.


“Individual meal support, daily phone check-ins, and coaching enabled me go back to and stay in school.”


“All the recovery coaches that my daughter has had have been extremely knowledgeable in the eating disorder field and they know how to supervise my daughter without undermining her self-esteem.”