Stephanie Mullen, LMSW

Therapist (NY)

Stephanie Mullen, LMSW, is a 2020 graduate of New York University. Prior to receiving her MSW, Stephanie received her BS in Sociology from SUNY Oneonta and obtained extensive experience in both the eating disorder and behavioral health fields. She has worked previously as a Crisis Intervention Specialist and Mental Health Worker at Four Winds Hospital, Lead Recovery Coach at Monte Nido Irvington, Social Work Intern at NYCHH psychiatric emergency room, Program Manager for Sanctuary NYC, and currently works as a Lead Recovery Specialist/ Therapist at EDRS. Stephanie is passionate about treating eating disorders, exercise addiction, anxiety, depression, CPTSD, PTSD, trauma, and dissociative disorders.

Prior to therapeutic work, Stephanie was an EMT and spent six years working within the medical field. She has a passion for “helping the helpers” and advocating for better focus on self-care and implementation of destigmatization around receiving therapy within the helping fields. Her passion stems from her personal journey through recovery from PTSD and an eating disorder. Learning how to adequately care and advocate for herself is how she continues to pursue her passion for helping others.

She strives to provide a safe space for clients to heal, speak freely, and get back in tune with their authentic selves. She is interested in both strengths-based and evidence-based approaches that emphasize the client as the expert in their own recovery.

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