Bulimia Nervosa

Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists is a nationwide outpatient treatment program focused on providing you with the individualized support you need from the comfort of your home, school, community, or virtual setting. In particular, many of our clients are currently struggling with issues relating to bulimia nervosa.

If you or a loved one may be suffering from bulimia nervosa, we’re here to help. Our team of expert clinicians and providers can create a customized and individualized program, consisting of therapeutic meal support, therapeutic skills, exposures, and coaching, accountability to help you stay on track.

We also closely work with any external healthcare providers you may currently have to ensure that your overall treatment has the highest level of coordination.

Unlike anorexia or other eating disorders, problematic warning signs relating to bulimia are often harder to identify. This is due to the fact that those suffering from bulimia nervosa often tend to hide their bingeing and purging behaviors.

Due to society’s perception and stigma around what a person with an eating disorder looks like, individuals who struggle with bulimia often go unnoticed by even those who are closest to them because they appear to have a “normal” body size.

A few of the numerous health consequences that may come with bulimia include:

  • A sore throat that is chronically inflamed
  • Teeth beginning to decay from exposure to stomach acids after their enamel wears off
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disorder, caused by constant vomiting
  • Intestinal issues caused by irritation from laxative abuse
  • A puffy face and cheeks
  • Severe dehydration from the purging of fluids
  • Salivary glands below the jaw and in the neck become swollen
  • Kidney problems caused by the use of diuretics, or water pills
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Ready to start your recovery journey?

We have had tremendous success with helping clients gain control of their lives and tackling their eating disorders head-on. 

Our clinical intake coordinators can confidentially learn more about your respective situation and work with you to assess your needs and the best path forward. 

We look forward to helping you on your path to better health and recovery.

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