Jennifer Hoang

Claims Processor

Jennifer has been working with EDRS since 2021 and believes she couldn’t ask for a better company to be a part of. She loves making a difference in people’s quality of life and takes pride in the hard work & a unique dedication all members of the EDRS team have. Jennifer understands the challenges of insurance aging and approaches them with empathy & compassion. She won’t rest until she has done all she can to get aging claims paid. She is proud to advocate on an EDRS client’s behalf. If she can take one less stressful thing off their plate it gives them more opportunity to focus on healing & that is what she believes our team is truly there to do. 

Jennifer is a Floridian by way of Kansas (Go Chiefs!) Her family has been in the Tampa Bay area for the past 4 years and believes that there is just something about the ocean that heals the soul & the Springs that invigorates the body. Jennifer enjoys going on adventures like biking, paddle boarding & yoga.

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