Nailah Wilds

Nailah Wilds, LCAT

Therapist (NY) & Clinical Trainer

Nailah Wilds (she/her) is a dance/movement therapist (LCAT-LP) who received her Master’s degree from Pratt Institute. Nailah is interested in promoting body liberation for all of her clients through increasing the connection between the mind and body. As a Black therapist, she is committed to empowering all folx in marginalized bodies, especially those who identify as BIPOC and those living in fat bodies. 

Nailah specializes in eating disorders. Having worked extensively in PHP, IOP, and outpatient levels of care, she has a deep understanding of the many systems that can prevent people from recovery. As such, her work serves to provide clients with the autonomy to seek recovery that fits them and their many identities, instead of using a one size fits all approach.

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