Courtney Pretlow, LCAT-LP, R-DMT 

Lead Recovery Specialist (NY)

Courtney (she/her) is a registered dance/movement therapist. After graduating with an applied psychology B.S. from New York University, Courtney completed a creative arts therapy M.S. program at Pratt Institute. Courtney incorporates body based practices in her work, often exploring psychosomatic symptoms, body/mind/spirit connections, and bodily awareness.

By understanding the environmental, societal, and systemic impacts and barriers to wellness and recovery, Courtney is able to use a more wholistic approach to treatment. She believes that clients are the most important element in therapy and ensures they understand all treatment goals as they work together constructing them.

Popular culture, television, travel, games, and learning new things are some of Courtney’s favorite interests outside of the arts. Courtney runs groups and individual sessions.

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