What are some good, uplifting podcasts?

There’s so much overwhelming news out there! And while it’s important to stay informed, it’s also important to take care of yourself. If you’re looking for something a little bit more positive and uplifting to listen to during your morning commute, we recommend the following podcasts:

Food Psych

    • Food Psych, a weekly podcast by registered dietitian (and former EDRS team member) Christy Harrison, gives a refreshing take on the sneaky and restrictive world of diet culture.
    • In her own words: “I talk with inspiring guests – including health and psychology professionals, anti-diet activists, and leaders in the body-liberation movement – about their relationships with food, paths to body-image healing and fat acceptance, and experiences of recovery from weight stigma and eating disorders.”

How to Start Over

    • Olga Khazan and Rebecca Rashid at The Atlantic lead this enthralling conversation on navigating the challenges of changing your life. 
    • In their own words: “This series is your guide to starting over in the ways you’ve always wanted, why change is so hard, and whether it is, sometimes, overrated.”
    • The series – (which comes as a season 2 to The Atlantic’s popular podcast “How to Build a Happy Life”) features a variety of episodes that discuss reinventing the things in your life that aren’t working for you anymore.

Unf*ck Your Brain

    • In this podcast, Master Life Coach Kara Loewentheil takes listeners on a journey to confront the negative associations that live in our brains as a result of our environments.
    • Loewentheil uses her platform to engage women with their inner confidence and challenge where their self-doubt comes from. She features many different guests to help educate her listeners on ways to overcome their social conditioning.
    • Highlighted episode:

The Positive Psychology Podcast

Therapy For Black Girls

    • Therapy For Black Girls is a weekly podcast led by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. In it, Dr. Bradford explores a variety of mental health and personal development issues with a focus on destigmatizing mental illness in the black community.
    • This episode on body image focuses on how the pandemic has affected perceptions of our bodies.

Mad Chat

    • “A podcast where we unpack what our pop culture is telling us about madness and mental health.”
    • Mad Chat has a pretty fun theme: host Sandy Allen explores different TV and movie characters and evaluates them and the conditions they present. 
    • While lighthearted, the show is a great way to learn about mental illness and the way the public perceives it — or rather, has been taught how to perceive it. 

Hopefully, these podcasts will help to educate and empower you (even if just a little bit) as you navigate through daily life.

If you feel like you might need more help than just a podcast for your mental health, we’re always here to help!

You can contact us at Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists via phone (866-958-7606), email, or by filling out our contact form.

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