Virtual and Telehealth Eating Disorder Programs and Therapy

Virtual and Telehealth Eating Disorder Programs and Therapy

The National Eating Disorders Association estimates that about 20 million women and 10 million men will suffer from an eating disorder over the course of their lifetimes. Eating disorders are severe illnesses that can profoundly affect people mentally and physically; they can even be life-threatening. And while the COVID-19 pandemic has left many individuals feeling alienated and alone, it is important to remember that virtual help is out there. There are now virtual and telehealth eating disorder programs and therapy available. 

Here at Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists (EDRS), we offer a wide variety of treatment programs for adults and adolescents of all genders that are available over video chat platforms such as Zoom. We have five different therapy programs to choose from that are tailored to every individual’s specific situation. They are as follows:

  • Recovery LAUNCH focuses on patients who are just beginning their journey with eating disorder recovery. Additionally, these people will either be new to therapy, need additional support, or need a team of specialists to aid them with their recovery.
  • Recovery BRIDGE aims to support individuals struggling with eating disorders as they transition between types of therapies, levels of care, from residential treatment to home, or back to work and/or school after being in treatment. 
  • Recovery ELEVATE focuses on people who may have attended eating disorder treatment numerous times but are continuing to experience difficulties returning to their day-to-day lives. Through this program, the EDRS team will provide such individuals with the highest levels of containment and support that can help them move back into their lives. 
  • Recovery RESET is for individuals who have recently experienced a lapse or relapse along their eating disorder recovery journey. At EDRS, we acknowledge that recovery is not a linear process, and we hope to help you get back on the right recovery track and push forward. 
  • Recovery MAINTAIN pairs patients with recovery specialists who can help you figure out the nuances with regards to your early recovery, while keeping you on track to achieve full recovery. This program is geared towards clients who are early in their recovery journey and may be experiencing issues such as:
    • Struggling outside of appointments, even if enrolled in an outpatient program
    • Struggling with specified food-related fears even if they are sticking to their meal plan
    • Having already completed a type of treatment course, like PHP, IOP, and/or RTC
    • Have restored 95% or more of their weight but need additionally support and accountability
    • Feeling motivated for recovery, but still internally battling a “loud ED voice”
    • Beginning to utilize learned coping skills, but still having a hard time remembering to use them during touch moments
    • Still experiencing urges even though they have significantly decreased or perhaps even eliminated compensatory behaviors
    • Basing their daily life and schedules around eating and experiencing moderate anxiety if there are any changes in their recovery routine
    • Having a difficult time being socially spontaneous despite seeing a major decrease or even elimination of eating disorder-related behaviors

You can contact us at Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists via phone (866-525-2766), email, or by filling out our contact form. It is important to remember that no two recovery journeys will necessarily look the same, as therapeutic approaches that work well for some may not work well for everyone. 

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